WLH Site Management offers Owners as well as the work team the added benefits of general daily construction management, site safety management, logistical support, construction reporting, quality control, and schedule control all tied together by a tenured construction professional, Anthony Plomitallo. Spearheading WLH Site Management, WLH has retained Anthony Plomitallo to offer Owners and project teams the added value which years in the field building brings to the table. WLH has a proven 5+ year history of successful project delivery with Anthony Plomitallo by his side. More often than not Anthony has pushed the work force to make the commitments and schedules WLH required. As a DOB Certified Site Safety Manager, Anthony Plomitallo has the qualifications to develop and implement site safety plans as a 3rd party, which is a critical component when building in NYC.


For more information please contact WLH.


Please See Anthony Plomitallo’s Resume:

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